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. Golmohammadi, R and Namazi, M.J. Allelic polymorphism in codon 72 of p53 gene: prognosis value, survival rates, and their association with breast cancer. European Journal of Gynaecological Oncology.


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Alizade, Kambiz and Maddah, Godratollah and Jafarian, Amir Hosein and Khamene Bagheri, Arash and Jafarzadeh Esfehani, Reza and Mirzaeian, Sara Management of Intravenous Leiomyomatosis of Uterus with Extension to Heart. Iranian Medicine.

Amin, Bahareh and Malekzadeh, Mahshad and Heidari, Mahmoud Reza and Hosseinzadeh, Hossein Effect of Crocus sativus extracts and its active constituent safranal on the harmaline-induced tremor in mice. Iran J Basic Med Sci..

Amin, Bahareh and Malekzadeh, Mahshad and Heidari, Mahmoud Reza and Hosseinzadeh4, Hossein Effect of Crocus sativus extracts and its active constituent safranal on the harmaline-induced tremor in mice. Iran J Basic Med Sci.

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Amin, Mohamadraza Regulation of in vivo behavior of TAT-modified liposome by associated protein corona and avidity to tumor cells. Int J Nanomedicine.

Ansari, Mohsen and Kordeyazdi, Parvaneh and Mostafazadeh, Farzad MTBE Removal Evaluation using EDTA-Na2.2H2O in the Electro-Kinetic Method from Synthetic Contaminated Soil(Running title: MTBE Removal from Soil). jbiom.

Ataollahi, Maryam and Masoumi, Zahra and Samadipoor, Ezat Health and physical changes during puberty. Fanoseandishe. ISBN 9786005901962


Bazeli, Javad and Ghalehaskar, Sahar and Morovati, Maryam and Soleimani, Hamed and Masoumi, Safdar and Rahmani Sani, Abolfazl Health risk assessment techniques to evaluate non-carcinogenic human health risk due to fluoride, nitrite and nitrate using Monte Carlo simulation and sensitivity analysis in Groundwater of Khaf County, Iran. International Journal Of Environmental Analytical Chemistry.


Dehnavi, Mahdie and Sanaee, Hossein and Shariat Nejad, Keyvan and Ayatnia, Mohammad and Mohammad, Mojtaba Resilience Level of the Family Caregivers of the Elderly in Mashhad, Iran During the COVID-19 Pandemic. ran Journal of Nursing.


Fazilat-Panah, Danial and Fallah Tafti, Hamid and Rajabzadeh, Yavar and Alsadat Fatemi, Maedeh and Ahmadi, Nahid and Jahansouz, Davoud and Tabasi, Mohsen and Javadinia, Seyed Alireza and Joudi, Maryam and Harati, Hadi and Attarian, Fahimeh and Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farzad Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of COVID-19 in 1294 New Cancer Patients: Single-Center, Prospective Cohort Study from Iran. Cancer investigation.


Ghalavand, Majdedin and Lutfi, Ehsan and Lotfi, Hadi and Esmaeili Gouvarchin Ghaleh, Hadi Therapeutic Potential of Oncolytic Viruses in the Treatment of Lung Cancer Caused by Chemical Warfare Agents: A Narrative Review. Journal of Military Medicine.

Ghanbarabadi, R and Mirhosseini, M and Rakhshani, MH and Estaji, Z and Rad, M the effects of cool dialysate on quality of sleep among patients undergoing hemodialysis: A randomized clinical trial. Journal of Education and Health Promotion.

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Ghasemi, Elmira and Heidari-Oranjaghi, Nima and Azhdari-Zarmehri, Hassan and Sadegh, Mehdi Repeated injections of orexin-A developed behavioral tolerance to its analgesic effects in rats. Iran J Basic Med Sci..

Ghodsi,, M and Joveini,, H and Rakhshani, , M and Mehri,, A Designing and Evaluating Educational Intervention to Improve Preventive Behavior Against Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Endemic Areas in Iran. Osong Public Health Res Perspect.

Gholami, O 7-Isopenthenyloxycoumarin, Arctigenin, and Hesperidin Modify Myeloid Cell Leukemia Type-1 (Mcl-1) Gene Expression by Hormesis in K562 Cell Line. Dose-Response.

Gholami, Omid and Jeddi-Tehran, Mahmood and Iranshahi, Mehrdad and Zarnani, Amir Hassan and Ziai, Seyed Ali Mcl-1 Is Up Regulated by Prenylated Coumarin, Umbelliprenin in Jurkat Cells. Iran J Pharm Res. 2014 Autumn; 13(4): 1387–1392..

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Ghorat, F The Effect of Cupping Therapy on Non-specific Neck Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal.

Ghorat, F Global Cancer Statistics 2018: Globocan Estimates Of Incidence And Mortality Worldwide Stomach Cancers And Their Relationship With Human Development Index. World Cancer Research Journal.

Ghorat, F Global Cancer Statistics 2018: Globocan Estimates Of Incidence And Mortality Worldwide Stomach Cancers And TheirRelationship With Human Development Index. World Cancer Research Journal.

Ghorat, F Global Incidence And Mortality Of Liver Cancers And Its Relationship With The Human Development Index (Hdi). World Cancer Research Journal.

Ghorat, F Global Incidence And Mortality Of Liver Cancers And Its Relationship With The Human Development Index (Hdi). World Cancer Research Journal.

Ghorat, F Global Incidence And Mortality Of Skin Cancer By Histological Subtype And Its Relationship With The Human Development Index (Hdi); An Ecology Study In 2018. World Cancer Research Journ al.

Ghorbani, Mazaher and Ahmady-Asbchin, Slaman and Rezaei, Hassan Evaluation of Antibacterial Properties of Coriander, Oregano, Fennel, Thyme and parsley extracts, on Pathogenic Bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 33591) , Escherichia coli (ATCC 23591) , Klebsiella (ATCC 10031) and Salmonella Typhimurium. jsums.

Ghorbannezhad, F and Rastegar, A Estimation excess risk cancer due to natural gamma radiation exposure in outdoor areas for residents of Dargaz city in 2016. Iranian Journal of Health and Environment.

Golmohammadi, Rahim and Pejhan, Akbar The prognostic value of the P53 protein and the Ki67 marker in breast cancer patients. Journal Of Pakistan Medical Association.


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Hamrah Siyani, Maedeh and Zandiyeh, Faraz and Zaremoghadam, Elahe and Dehghan, Sara and Sadeghian, Reyhaneh and Aboulfathiyarmohammadyar, Zahra and Alipoor, Mina Association of parathyroid hormone with plasma magnesium in health and disease; a review. Journal of Parathyroid.

Hasanpour, Kazem and Akaberi, Arash and Hashemian, Maryam The Role of Glucose–Insulin–Potassium on ST Resolution in Acute Myocardial Infarction; A randomized clinical trial. Life Science Journal 2012;9(4).

Hashemian, M and Mehri, A and Joveini, H and Shahrabadi, R Married Men's Experiences of Domestic Violence on their Wives: A Qualitative Study. J Qual Res Health Sci.

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Hashemian,, M Effect education based on trans-theoretical model on reduction of the prevalence of gingivitis among pregnant women: Application of Telegram social network. Scientific Journal of Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences.

Hosseini-Bandegharaei, A Aloe vera waste biomass-based adsorbents for the removal of aquatic pollutants: A review. Journal Of Environmental Management.

Hosseini-Bandegharaei, A Fabrication of fluorine doped graphene and SmVO4 based dispersed and adsorptive photocatalyst for abatement of phenolic compounds from water and bacterial disinfection. Journal Of Cleaner Production.

Hosseini-Bandegharaei, A Thermally treated aluminium waste-filings, a low cost and efficient adsorbent for phosphorus removal from water. Global NEST Journal.

Hosseini-Bandegharaei, Ahmad Evaluation of the potential of cassava-based residues for biofuels production. Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio-Technology.

Hosseini-Bandegharaei, Ahmad Evaluation of the potential of cassava-based residues for biofuels production. Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio-Technology.

Hosseini-Bandegharaei,, A A novel route for preparation of chemically activated carbon from pistachio wood for highly efficient Pb(II) sorption. Journal of Environmental Management.

Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad and Rashidlamir, Amir and Hejazi, Seyed Mahmud The Effect of Progressive Resistance and Endurance Training on Gastrocnemius Muscle’s FNDC5 Gene Expression in Male Rats. jsums.


Izadpanah, Ali Mohammad and Hadavi, Mahdi and Bahrami Taghanaki, HamidReza The effect of foot reflexology on severity of fatigue in haemodialysis patients. jsums.


Jaefari, Faranak and Gholami, Omid and Pejhan, Akbar and Amin, Bahare and Nazemi, Samad Effect of Umbelliprenin on behavioral symptoms of neuropathic pain in chronic constriction injury model (CCI) of neuropathy in adult male rats. jsums.

Janeidi Jafari, Ahmad and Rastegar, Ayoob The Potential of Efficiency Aerogel Hybrid (Carbon + Silica) in the Removal of Phenol from Aqueous Solutions and Studying Isothermal Studies, the Traditional. jsums.

Javadi, Maryam and Sharifi, Z and Nezamdoost, a and Rastaghi, Sedighe and Abareshi, F The association between risk perception and knowledge with the behavior of using respiratory protection devices in the four National Oil Products Distribution Company. Occupational Medicine Quarterly Journal.

Javan, R Effect of a functional food (vegetable soup) on blood rheology in patients with polycythemia. Avicenna Journal Of Phytomedicine.

Joveini, H Health literacy level and related factors among pregnant women referring to bojnord health centers in 2017. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.


Karimzadeh, Mohammad Ali and Ghandi, Sedigheh Age and basal FSH as a predictor of ART outcome. Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine.

Karrabi, M and Karrabi, N Epidermodysplasia verruciformis associated with sensorineural hearing loss in a 9 years old boy. European Journal of Pediatric Dermatology.

Kazemzadeh, Yasan and Ali Oroji, Mohamad and Nazari, Javad and Sadeghi, Kamal and Toolabi, Ali Epidemiological Changes and the Age-Standardized Incidence Trend (ASR) of Brucellosis in Khomein City, Iran (2014-2016). jbiom.

Keikha, Masoud and Shahraki-Zahedani, Shahram and Rahdar, Hossein Ali Computational study of Housekeeping Genes in Differentiation of Non- Tuberculosis Mycobacteria. jsums.

Khajei, Rambod and Haghighi, Amir Hosein and Hamediniya, Mohammad Reza and Rashid Lamir, Amir The effect of eight weeks aerobic exercise on the expression of liver monocyte X-receptor gene value and lipid profile of middle-aged men after cardiac artery bypass graft surgery. jsums.

Khaleghizadeh, Maryam and Forghanifard, Mohammad Mahdi and Rad, Abolfazl and Farshchian, Moein and Hejazi, Zahra and Gholamin, Mehran and Memar, Bahram Ectopic Expression of Human DPPA2 Gene in ESCC Cell Line Using Retroviral System. , Avicenna Journal of Medical Biotechnology.

Khamesipour, F Epidemiology of taeniosis, cysticercosis and trichinellosis in Iran: A systematic review. Zoonoses and Public Health.

Khamesipour, F Prevalence and Characterization of Plasmidmediated Quinolone Resistance Genes among Escherichia coli Strains Isolated from Different Water Sources in Alborz. The Indonesian Biomedical Journa.

Khamesipour, F Prevalence of thermotolerant Campylobacter species in dogs and cats in Iran. Veterinary Medicine and Science.

Khamesipour, Faham Tick-borne zoonoses in the Order Rickettsiales and Legionellales in Iran: A systematic review. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Khamesipour, Faham and Tajbakhsh, Elahe Analyzed the genotypic and phenotypic antibiotic resistance patterns of Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from clinical samples in Iran. Biomedical Research.

Khazaei, Z Prevalence of asthma and the related-symptoms in children and adolescences; a cross-sectional study. Immunopathologia Persa.

Khazaei, Z A comparison of the effect of dexamethasone and pethidine for prevention of shivering after spinal anesthesia in caesarean section:randomization clinical trial. Biomedical Research and Therapy.

Khazaei, Zaher Epidemiology And Population Attributable Fraction Of Melanoma To Ultraviolet Radiation In Asia: An Ecological Study. World Cancer Research Journal.

Khazaei, Zaher Evaluation of UHRF1 and P16INK4A expression levels in newly diagnosed AML patients. Biomedical Research and Therapy.

Khazaei, Zaher Evaluation of the efficacy of recombinant tissue plasminogen activators in improving clinical status of acute ischemic stroke: A randomized clinical trial in Iran. Biomedical Research and Therapy.

Khazaei, Zaher Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis among homeless individuals. Immunopathologia Persa.

Khazaei, Zaher The prevalence of HIV among female head of household in Shiraz in 2015. Immunopathologia Persa.

Khodabandeh, Farzaneh and Alishahi, Reyhaneh and Yahyavi Koochaksaraei, Fatemeh Mucopolysaccharidosis type I: A case report. jsums.

Kholdi, Solmaz and Kholdi, Mohammad Reza and Rad, Abolfazl and Forghani Fard, Mohammad Mahdi Non-coding RNA NAV2-AS2 and the Risk of Lobular Carcinoma in Breast Cancer Patients (Running title: NAV2-AS2 and the Risk of Breast Lobular Carcinoma). jbiom.

Khosrorad,, R The effectiveness of working memory computer assisted program on executive functions and reading progress of students with reading disability disorder. Electronic Journal Of General Medicine.

Kiaetabar, R Fertility Motivations and Its Related Factors in Women of Reproductive Age Attended Health Centers in Sabzevar, Iran. Journal of Midwifery & Reproductive health.

Kooshki, Akram and Rad, M and Zarghi, A and Chanbari Mogaddam, A Effects of fenugreek seed powder on stress-induced hyperglycemia and clinical outcomes in critically ill patients: A randomized clinical trial. Biomedical Research and Therapy.

Kooti, W Effects of Pravastatin in Adriamycin-Induced Nephropathy in Rats. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.

Kooti, W Effects of Pravastatin in Adriamycin-Induced Nephropathy in Rats. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.

Kooti, W Seroprevalence of Cytomegalovirus among Women of Reproductive Age in Iran: A Systematic Review and MetaAnalysis. Iranian Journal of Public Health.

Koupaei, Maryam and Mohamadi, Mohamad Hosein and Yashmi, Ilya and Shahabi, Amir Hossein and Heidary, Mohsen and Khoshnood, Saeed Clinical manifestations, treatment options, and comorbidities in COVID-19 relapse patients: A systematic review. Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis.


Mahmoodi, G Evaluation of the photon dose calculation accuracy in radiation therapy of malignant pleural mesothelioma. Journal Of Cancer Research And Therapeutics.

Mahmoudi, G Evaluation of the photon dose calculation accuracy in radiation therapy of malignant pleural mesothelioma. Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics.

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Miri, M Seasonal Variation in Culturable Bioaerosols in a Wastewater Treatment Plant. Aerosol and Air Quality Research.

Miri, M Seasonal variation in culturable bioaerosols in a wastewater treatment plant. Aerosol and Air Quality Research.

Miri, M An overview report on the application of heteropoly acids on supporting materials in the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants from aqueous solutions. PeerJ.

Miri, M and Dovlatabadi, A and Ebrahimnejad, A Estimate annual and seasonal PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations using land use regression model. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety.

Miri,, M PM2.5 concentration modeling and mapping in the urban areas. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment.

Mirmousavi,, SJ Associations of vitamin D binding protein variants with the vitamin Dinduced increase in serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN.

Mirzaiee, Mina and Soleimani, Mahdieh and Banoueizadeh, Sara and Mahdood, Bahareh and Bastami, Maryam and Merajikhah, Amirmohammad Ability to predict surgical outcomes by surgical Apgar score: a systematic review. BMC surgery.

Mohammad-Zadeh,, M In vitro antibacterial property assessment of silver nanoparticles synthesized by Falcaria vulgaris aqueous extract against MDR bacteria. Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology.

Mortazavi, F and Agah, J Childbirth fear and associated factors in a sample of pregnant Iranian women. Oman Medical Journal.

Mosadeghi, Parvin and Heydari Zarnagh, Hafez and Mohammad-Zadeh, Mohammad and Salehi Moghaddam, Masoud High-Level Soluble Expression and One-step Purification of HTLV-I P19 Protein in Escherichia coli by Fusion Expression. Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Moslem, A Relationship of Dietary and Serum Zinc with Depression Score in Iranian Adolescent Girls. Biological trace element research.

Movahedi Motlagh, F and Barabadi, M and Cheshomi, H Potential role of RAB6C-AS1 long noncoding RNA in different cancers. Journal of Cellular Physiology.


Naghibi, Masih and Mojahedi, Mohammad Javad and Jarrahi, Lida and Emadzadeh, Ali and Ahmadi, Reza and Emadzadeh, Maryam and Taraz Jamshidi,, Shirin and Bahr, Narjes Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease and Its Risk Factors in Gonabad, Iran. Iranian Journal of Kidney Diseases.

Namani, Ebrahim and Abdolahzade, Hasan and Pirani, Hamideh and Jajarmi, Mahmoud The Effectiveness of Group Therapy based on Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) on Suppression of Negative Thoughts and Learned Helplessness in Infertile Women. jsums.

Navipour, Elham and Esmaily, Habibollah and Ghayourmobarhan, Majid Identify Determinative Factors of Pre-Diabetes by Using Logistic Regression Model in Mashhad. jsums.

Neamatshahi,, M and Keykhosravi,, A and Barghamadi,, B and Sabzevari,, R and Neamatshahi,, M Knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers about exclusively breastfeeding in sabzevar 2017. Iranian Journal of Neonatology.


Parsa Shokooh, Hasan and Saghebjoo, Marzieh and Nazemi, Samad and Hedayati, Mahdi The Effect of Continuous and Interval Endurance Training on Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase in Diabetic Neuropathic Rats. jsums.

Pejhan, Akbar and Yazdi Moghaddam, Hamideh and Najjar, Ladan and Akaberi, Arash The relationship between menarche age and anthropometric indices of girls in Sabzevar, Iran. Journal of Pakistan Medical Association.



Rad, A, and Shirzadeh, E KIF21A Gene c.2860C>T Mutation in CFEOM1A: The First Report from Iran. Avicenna Journal of Medical Biotechnology.

Rahimizadeh, Aziz and Basirinezhad, Mohammad Hasan and Olmolok Lahijanian, Akram and Arjmandi, Reza Effectiveness of Health, Safety, and Environment Training Courses Using the Kirkpatrick Model and Providing Managerial Solutions for the Staff of Sinadarou Company. jbiom.

Raoofi, A Ameliorating effects of curcumin-loaded superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) on the mouse testis exposed to the transient hyperthermia: A molecular and stereological study. Acta Histochemica.

Rastegar, A Students' beliefs about smokeless tobacco use in Chabahar city: A qualitative study using focus groups. Journal of Education and Health Promotion.


SANI, SANI and RAHMANI, ABOLFAZL and NASER, MEHRDADI and ALIAKBAR, AZIMI and MAHIN, DELARA, Pollutant Removal from Municipal Sewage by Optimized Anaerobic Pond and Subsurface Flow Wetland. Asian Journal of Chemistry.

Saghi, MH Measurement and monitoring of anions, cations and metals in landfill leachate in Iranian metropolises. Data in Brief.

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Salehisahlabadi, Ammar and Khoshgoftar, Mohadeseh and Asadi, Ehsan and Jadidi, Hossein The prevalence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Iranian children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis. jsums.

Shahkaram, Reza and Sabzevari, Sadaf Simultaneous Presence of Hydatid Cysts in the Liver and Spleen: A Case Report with Splenectomy (Running title: Simultaneous Hydatid Cysts of Liver and Spleen). jbiom.

Shamsara, Jamal and Shahir-Sadr, Ahmad Developing a CoMSIA Model for Inhibition of COX-2 by Resveratrol Derivatives. Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.

Shamsizadeh, Ali and Soliemani, Neda and Mohammad-Zadeh, Mohammad and Azhdari-Zarmehri, Hassan Permanent lesion in rostral ventromedial medulla potentiates swim stress-induced analgesia in formalin test. Iran J Basic Med Sci. 2014 Mar; 17(3): 209–215..

Shirin, Ameneh and Joveini, Hamid and Hashemian, Masoumeh and Kooshki, Akram and Rakhshani, Mohammad Hassan and Sharifi, Nader and Rohban, Alireza The Effects of an Educational Intervention Based on Poetry, Game, and Problem-Solving Skills on Promoting Nutritional Knowledge and Behavior in Iranian Primary School Students. Journal of Nutrition and Food Security.

Shirzadeh, E and Golmohammadi, R Eye Bleeding Due to Leech Infestation in an Ischemic Heart- Disease Patient. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal.

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Shojaezadeh, Davoud and Hashemian, Masumeh and Asadi, Zahra Sadat and MoghaddamHosseini, Vahideh and Javan, Roghaye The effect of tow modes of educational intervention on attitude toward cesarean section and vaginal delivery in pregnant women. Life Science Journal.

Shomoossi, Nematullah and Vasheghani Farahani, Mehrdad Collaborative Translation or Fruitful Partnership between Translator and Author: An Overlooked Point in Translator Training. International Journal of Language and Translation Research.

Soliemani, Neda and Moslem, Alireza and Shamsizadeh, Ali and Azhdari-Zarmehri, Hassan Administration of orexin receptor 1 antagonist into the rostral ventromedial medulla increased swim stress-induced antinociception in rat. Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences.


Torkan, S and Bahadoranian, MA and Khamesipour, F and Anyanwu, MU Detection of virulence and antimicrobial resistance genes in Escherichia coli isolates from diarrhoiec dogs in Iran. Archivos de Medicina Veterinaria.


Zarezadeh, Meysam and Musazadeh, Vali and Foroumandi, Elaheh and Keramati, Majid and Ostadrahimi, Alireza and Mekary, Rania A. The effect of cinnamon supplementation on glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes or with polycystic ovary syndrome: an umbrella meta-analysis on interventional meta-analyses. Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome.

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